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entrevista Ana Sofia Joanes

There are lots of environmental movies festival, do you think this themes have a place in mainstream?
I think the mainstream is just a representation of what’s on everyone’s minds, and when we all start thinking about our food and where it comes from and how it ought to be grown, the food movement will too become mainstream.  It’s the job of activists to make these issues mainstream; it’s the job of every individual to add their voice and make the message loud and clear.

To make a film like you did it’s necessary to be environmentalist?
I think a filmmaker, especially a documentary filmmaker, needs to be passionate about a topic to make a great movie that can speak to people.  The passion can come either before or during the filmmaking process.  I was certainly aware of food before I began FRESH, but throughout the process of making it I became more and more aware and educated, so my passion for the food movement grew as I made FRESH.

Do you have a favourite eco-movie?
Yes!  Gleaners and I by Agnew Varda

ana Sofia joanes
Director & Producer of FRESH

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